RPL Managing Partner Helen D. “Heidi” Reavis to Speak at Power Shift 2016

April 27, 2016, New York, NY — Next week, RPL Managing Partner Helen D. “Heidi” Reavis will speak at “Power Shift 2016: Women and Leadership” on the panel “Protected but Neglected” sponsored by Oxford University and Georgetown University Business School.  Ms. Reavis will present on whether laws originally intended to protect against discrimination may in fact limit our knowledge of women and members of other protected classes through enforced data collection limitations.  She is joined by business leaders MK Marsden and Professor Edgar Baum, and the panel will be moderated by Susan Avarde, Former Head of Global Brand, Citigroup Inc.

Power Shift 2016: Women and Leadership,” convenes women leaders from around the world to discuss economics and global policy issues, and to “look critically at existing barriers and get first hand accounts about new world-level breakthroughs.”