The FTX Film Rights Bidding War: Considerations for Sellers and Buyers

Just over a month ago, FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was running one of the world’s largest crypto-currency exchanges and hobnobbing at conferences with the likes of Bill Clinton. Celebrities and athletes, from Larry David to Tom Brady, appeared in FTX advertisements. The FTX name was everywhere, including on the Miami Heat’s...

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Is Grease the Word?

Earlier this month, New York federal district court Judge Laura Taylor Swain denied a motion to dismiss a case filed by Sketchworks Industrial Strength Comedy Inc. seeking to obtain the court’s preemptive declaration that its musical Vape, which it created as an alleged parody of the musical Grease, constitutes “fair...

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Intellectual Property Update: As Predicted, Copyright Office Denies the “Carlton” Copyright Registration and Raises Ownership Questions

Recent developments in the copyright infringement lawsuit brought by Alfonso Ribeiro, known for playing Carlton on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, against video game maker Epic Games confirm the questions raised in my prior post as to whether Ribeiro could register a copyright in the Carlton dance and bring a...

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