Would Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Create Hostile Work Environments for LGBTQ Teachers?

You may have heard recently that the Florida legislature is considering a bill dubbed “Don’t Say Gay,” which would prohibit teachers from “encourag[ing] classroom discussion about sexual orientation.” Much has been written about the way that such bills may harm students because it prevents children from learning about different kinds...

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Partner Jill Kahn Marshall Quoted in Law360 Articles on Important Employment Law Cases in 2020 and What To Watch for in 2021

Law360 recently reached out to Partner Jill Kahn Marshall for comment on the articles, “Landmark LGBTQ Decision Tops 2020's Biggest Bias Rulings” and “4 Religious Liberty Cases Attorneys Should Watch In 2021,” analyzing important Supreme Court rulings in 2020 and upcoming cases for the new year. Jill discussed the matter...

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