The Census: Vital for our States and Communities

With the upcoming Census deadline, it is important to us at RPJ to inform people why this deadline and the Census are so vital to our communities, our states and the country as a whole. The Census happens only once every 10 years and is the foundation of our federal representation and funding for everyday lives of people. It influences policies and decisions in education, transportation, health, housing and even environmental preservation.

While there are debates on whether this deadline should be extended from September 30 to October 31, we want to make sure people are informed. In New York specifically, there is $74 billion at stake annually, and the state will lose Representatives in the House if our residents don’t complete the Census with high volume. It is imperative that we encourage our communities to make the deadline. The more people counted, the more representation in Washington DC and the more resources your community has for the decade to come.

Take the time today to drive real, meaningful change in your state and community.