Partner Jill Kahn Marshall Quoted by the Society for Human Resource Management on What We Have Learnt From the 2020 COVID-19 Lockdowns

The COVID-19 pandemic and the self-imposed or regional lockdowns have been a learning experience for many employers and employees, forcing many businesses to pivot to a remote work environment. While many employers began cautiously bringing employees back to the office in 2020, they will need to be prepared should there be another lockdown in 2021.

The Society for Human Resource Management published an article on this topic entitled, “Lessons Learned from COVID-19 Lockdowns,” which featured Partner Jill Kahn Marshall. In the spring of 2020, many employers were confused about which employees are considered “essential workers.” Since then, many jurisdictions have defined an “essential worker” as someone who cannot physically perform their job remotely. These orders have also explicitly removed all arguments from employers that productivity or effectiveness should play a part in these decisions. Jill says, “if an employee protests classification as an essential worker and requests to work remotely, the employer should consider whether he or she is eligible for an accommodation for remote work.”

To learn more, read the full article on the Society for Human Resource Management website here.