RPJ Partner Nicole Page Quoted in Article on Ageism and Sexism in the Workplace

Yesterday, Nicole Page was quoted in an article by Deborah Copaken in her newsletter Ladyparts entitled, “Ageism Part II: Getting Fired.” The essay explores the experiences of middle-aged women in corporate America facing termination as their employers seek more inexperienced employees that they can pay less, while male employees continue to work. While such gender- and age-based practices are illegal, Nicole explains that employers cover up their motivations with “performance improvement plans.” Nicole explained, “Once you’re on a PIP, you’re waiting for your head to be chopped off,” said Page. “The whole purpose of a PIP is so that they can establish that you are being terminated for performance reasons so that if you try to sue them, they’ll say, ‘Nope, had nothing to do with your age, your gender, your race or whatever. It was your performance.’”

The full article is available to paid subscribers to Copaken’s newsletter, Ladyparts, here.