Heidi Reavis Discusses the Weinstein Settlement Negotiations Favoring the Weinstein Attorneys over the Crime Victims in Her Recent Article in The New York Law Journal

Partner Heidi Reavis is a guest contributor this week in The New York Law Journal, discussing the protracted Weinstein settlement negotiations which have had the effect of favoring the litany of Weinstein attorneys over the Weinstein victims.  See her article, “Spotlight on Weinstein Counsel and the Culture of Complicity.” The...

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Heidi Reavis and Nicole Page Discuss the State of Reality TV Production Amid Covid-19 with Yahoo! Entertainment

Since Covid-19 halted production in every corner of the entertainment industry, reality television has been quickly trying to figure out how to adapt production for their next seasons to be safe amid ongoing transmission concerns. Following industry developments, Yahoo! Entertainment reported in an article on June 26, “The future of...

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